Wetangula-Raila was not interested in the race;Uhuru knew this

  24 Mar 2018

FORD KENYA leader,Moses Masika Wetangula has reiterated that Raila Odinga was never interested in the Presidential race. Wetangula urges that Uhuru Kenyatta was very confident that he was going to beat NASA because Raila had promised not to campaign thoroughly as was in the past.

“The perennial loser was in business.I can’t believe a man of such reputation does not care any longer of electoral injustice in this country.What about baby Pendo?Raila is the real watermelon,” Wetangula quipped.

While addressing residents of Vihiga county,Moses Masika Wetangula has urged the Luhya nation to unite and take power in 2022.”I will not hesitate. Mudavadi will not hesitate.The Bondo man has ever hesitated.Don’t be misled this time round,” Wetangula noted.

Moses Masika Wetangula has promised to teach Raila Odinga a lesson accusing him of politics of betrayal.


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