Miguna to land in Nairobi on Monday after his controversial deportation

  25 Mar 2018

Lawyer Miguna Miguna is Monday expected to land in Nairobi following his controversial deportation to Canada last month. His lawyers led by James Orengo said Friday they were satisfied with efforts made by the government to facilitate his return as ordered by the courts.

“We are happy and satisfied with work that has been done so far in compliance with the court order and we will keep on consulting until Miguna arrives and safely enters in the territory of Kenya,” said Orengo.

He added they have received confirmation from the Ministry of Interior that Miguna will be allowed safe entry into the country. He however requested the relevant authorities to allow Miguna’s lawyers, family and friends to receive him at the airport. Lawyers Orengo, Nelson Havi and Julie Soweto said they will no longer pursue the court case once Miguna is back, stating his return to the country is the important subject.

His return follows a High Court ruling last month that ordered the government to facilitate his return after having found that his deportation was illegal. Miguna was deported to Canada on February 6, 2018 after being dramatically arrested for his role in the mock swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s president. “I am scheduled to arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 2:30pm aboard Emirates EK19 via Dubai,” he said in a statement. “I wish to underline, however, the Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security and National Coordination, Fred Okengo Matiang’i, the Inspector General of the Kenya Police, Boinnet, and the Director for Immigration, Major General (Rtd) Kihalangwa, have so far refused to obey and comply with the various court orders by Justices Kimaru and Chacha Mwita requiring them individually and collectively to return or reissuance my or a valid Kenyan passport, undertake to and facilitate my return to Kenya as a Kenyan citizen by birth.”

Since his deportation, Miguna has staged several talks in Canada, US and UK ahead of his return. After he arrived in Canada, groups of Kenyans reached out to him to visit their cities and address various issues, including dual citizenship. Miguna also embarked on a media blitz making an appearance on countless online forums and radio stations in Canada, US and Europe talking about how he was going to energize the opposition base through NRM. He comes at a time when there is debate on the unity handshake between NASA leader Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta.



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