Developing Story: Uhuru, Ruto Banned From Stepping In Canada

  18 Feb 2018

Nairobi–Canadian Government has banned President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto from traveling to Canada over what the Canadian Embassy in Kenya claims to be ‘dictatorial character.’

Speaking on Sunday evening, Canadian envoy in Nairobi said that the decision has been reached following a lengthy meeting held on Friday evening at the Canadian embassy in Gigiri, Nairobi.

“We have been asking President Kenyatta and his deputy to respect the rule of law. We have asked them to respect human rights. The President and his Deputy have decided to harass citizens through their proxies in the cabinet. As you all know, Canada does not work with a dictatorial regime. We respect the law and we do not want to be paty to contempt of courts. We have therefore taken a legal action against Mr.Kenyatta and his deputy that they will not be allowed to step in Canada.” said Sara Hradecky

“We will also with time consider cutting our ties with Kenya should President Kenyatta continue frustrating our citizens.” she added

Uhuru is accused of disrespecting the courts for illegally deporting National Resistance Movement general, Miguna Miguna.


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