Charity Ngilu: Waititu Is A Nobody To Me, Charcaol Business Is Illegal In Kitui

  19 Feb 2018

Kitui county Governor Hon.Kaluki Ngilu has blasted her Kiambu counterpart Hon. Waititu over the charcoal ban saga in Kitui County.

Speaking on Monday morning responding to Waititu’s sue threats, Ngilu said that her efforts to end charcoal business in her county wont be stopped by ‘Kiambu cartels.’

“To me Waititu is just a serious cartel in the office of the Governor, his threats cannot stop me from implementing what the people of Kitui county have agreed. We are going to stop the business whether they like it or not. Whether they go to the mars or to the moon, our stand will not change.” said Ngilu on Monday while addressing residents in Mutomo, Kitui.

Ngilu further took issues with Waititu terming him as a tribal Governor who according to her should not think of accusing anyone since he introduced a law that has seen Non-Kiambu people lose their jobs in his county.

“To me, Waititu is a nobody and he should not speak before public because he started tribalism by evicting those people who were working in Kiambu county just because they are not born in his county. This is impunity. Kaparo didnt see anything bad with that and so he should not see anything bad with Kitui people arresting all lorries doing the illegal business. We do not have a sacred community.” She added.

A week ago, a Sh11 million lorry laden to capacity with charcoal bags went up in flames at Kanyonyoo on the Mwingi–Garissa highway. It was said to be a case of arson, following the ban of decades-long charcoal trade in Kitui County imposed by Governor Charity Ngilu.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has called for the arrest of his Kitui counterpart Charity Ngilu over incitement claims.

Waititu accused Ngilu of inciting her constituents to burn two lorries transporting charcoal from Kitui two weeks ago.


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