Babu Owino:There will be no by election in Embakasi East

  25 Mar 2018

Babu Owino has said it clear that there will be no by election in Embakasi East and those waiting for the same should get ready to be shocked.The MP said that he has faith that the ruling of Justice Sergeon will be overturned by Court of Appeal after they highlighted important things in their appeal.

In his ruling Justice Joseph Sergon indicated that Babu Owino was not validly elected further directing that a by- election be conducted in accordance to the law.

The court further ordered that Babu Owino and IEBC pay the petitioner Francis Mureithi, Ksh.2.5 million each.

The nullification was seen as a feud between Babu and government.

In his witness testimony on November 28, 2017, Mr. Mureithi claimed that the election exercise was marred with violence, intimidation, voter bribery among other electoral malpractices.

Following the recount, a report was filed in court by the deputy registrar on Monday, February 26 showing that Babu Owino won the disputed contest.

Both Babu Owino and Francis Mureithi also registered an increase in votes after the recount was done.

The deputy registrar submitted that the scrutiny and recount exercise was by and large a success, except for a regrettable incident where one of the deputy registrar’s phone was stolen.

The court of Appeal is set from soon to  start hearing the appeal.


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